…Dan Sanchez possesses an unrivaled tenacity in a trial court setting… I was finally vindicated and the voice of truth was heard. He brought to light the facts and legality of the proceedings held against me that concluded with a victory for not just myself, but for justice. Due to this man’s legal acumen and sharp mind my case was ultimately dismissed… See Full Testimonial → “Robert Ryan Dickinson”

Robert Ryan Dickinson

Dan made it possible for my son and I to have a relationship. I would refer Dan to anyone who wants a lawyer who is willing to work hard and doesn’t give up until he gets his client the justice they are entitled to. He is very knowledgeable, honest and… See Full Testimonial → “JJ Ocañas”

JJ Ocañas
San Antonio, TX

…Not only did Dan represent me, he quickly became a mentor, consulting with me several times a week through the phone.  Dan was always optimistic with words of encouragement and support, creating a bond and friendship that could never be broken… See Full Testimonial → “Billy Jack Edwards”

Billy Jack Edwards
Rio Grande Valley