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An Experienced South Texas Trial Attorney

When life hands you an unexpected legal crisis, you need the support, guidance, and advocacy of an experienced, diligent attorney who is willing to fight for your justice and get results!

Dan Sanchez is a South Texas Trial Attorney who has more than 20 years of vast legal experience in all types of cases in various levels of court.

From state to federal matters, Attorney Dan Sanchez has handled criminal law, family law, personal injury, and civil litigation cases through trials, mediations, and appeals. Dan Sanchez provides his clients with attentive, compassionate, and effective legal guidance and pours his energy and vast expertise into each individual case.

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Years of vast
Federal and State
Legal Experience

Jury Trials tried
in the
State of Texas

Years Experience as
Cameron County Assistant
District Attorney

Years Serving as
Cameron County Justice
of the Peace

Terms Serving as
Cameron County

Practice Areas

Dan Sanchez provides legal services to clients all over Texas in a wide range of practice areas.

Client-Focused Results-Driven

Clients are never just case numbers; they are real people with real problems. Choosing Dan Sanchez means you will have a lawyer on YOUR side, who will help you pursue the justice you deserve.

Family Law

Whether it is a divorce, a custody dispute or an adoption, family law can be delicate . As a family man and as an attorney, Dan Sanchez understands this well and works diligently to resolve family law issues in the best possible manner.

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Civil Litigation

Litigation demands a highly skilled attorney that appreciates and understands the intricate legal and financial issues involved in these types of cases. Dan Sanchez has extensive experience in civil litigation and knows how to get results!

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Conflict management is essential in conflict resolution. To do this, you need to have excellent communication, problem solving and teamwork skills. Dan Sanchez is a trained mediator and has proven to be most successful applying his skills in and out of the courtroom.

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Criminal Law

Whether under suspicion or after being charged with a crime, the most important step you can take is hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney like Dan Sanchez, with a proven track record of success across all types of federal and state criminal cases.

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Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

Whether it was an auto accident, work accident, or any other type of tragic event leading to debilitating life changing injuries or death, Dan Sanchez can help victims and their family members recover both economic and non-economic damages.

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