Billy Jack Edwards

Rio Grande Valley

Billy Edwards is my name. I’m 38 years old and still battling with my life long struggle of alcoholism.  Alcohol has turned my life upside down from my innermost self to relationships with family, friends, and my spouse. I’m sad to say I’ve been locked up and arrested more times than I can remember.

Once again I found myself incarcerated and completely lost, broken, and hopeless. I had dug myself into a hole that I felt I could never get out of. That is until I heard of Dan Sanchez and I began to truly hope and see the light.  Mr. Sanchez’s superb reputation as a respected and successful attorney through out the RGV speaks for itself.

Without hesitation I hired Mr. Sanchez to represent me.  Without a doubt this was the best decision I made. Not only did Dan represent me, he quickly became a mentor and consulted with me several times a week through the phone.  Dan was always optimistic with words of encouragement and support, creating a bond and friendship that could never be broken.

During my hearing, Dan stayed stern. When I was ready to give up on my criminal cases, Dan fought harder never giving in to the prosecutors. He ultimately knocked them out of the park, winning my cases and setting me free.  Dan Sanchez is an amazing attorney, loyal friend, Man of Valor, and a true leader in our community.