The best way to resolve a conflict is for all sides to reach a mutual agreement. Conflict resolution is the goal of mediation.

To successfully resolve a conflict between disputing parties requires excellent communication, problem solving and teamwork. These are the conflict resolution skills that Dan Sanchez brings to the mediation table.

Dan Sanchez is a trained mediator. Dan has a proven record of success applying his conflict resolution skills to bring disputing parties together to mutual agreement.

Although the courts play an important role in resolving conflicts, mediation can often times be the best solution for all parties involved. Mediation can be much more cost-effective and time-efficient for everyone.

Dan has played a critical and successful role as mediator in many types of cases. Dan has the ability to set people at ease and to create a harmonious setting that gets people talking and working together toward resolving conflicts. This makes Dan an outstanding mediator in Civil Law and Family Law cases. Having served eight years as a JP Court Judge and six and a half years as a Commissioner, Dan appreciates the value and importance of mediation in solving disputes amicably and without the aggravation and expense of going to court.

To find out more about using the mediation services of Dan Sanchez, schedule a private and confidential consultation. Ask your questions, and find out if mediation is right for you.